“Lilo and Stitch has always been my favorite Disney movie but I hadn’t watched in years. So when we found out that my dad was having an affair, I watched it to cheer me up and take my mind off things. I never expected a Disney movie to hit me so hard. It brought healing that nothing else could have brought.”

Aw no. This reminds me when my dad was going to leave us and I was broken in every way, but this movie it always made me smile. Broken or not it is still my ohana


“”Lilo and Stitch” is helping with in my counselling with feeling alienated from everyone. When I watch the movie, it gives me hope that I’ll find my “ohana”, since my family thinks me being gay is a disease and don’t talk to me”

;__; This movie helps people in so many ways it has helped me through so much aaagh <3

Chillin’ in the Character’s and Fables chatroom :)
Man, I miss this group. I hope I can pick a character soon so I can send in a new audition

I’m thinking of mayyybe starting a roleplay account for Goob from Meet the Robinsons.
But the question is. Do I roleplay grown up, disgusting, creepy Goob or do I roleplay sweet, sleepy, funny childhood Goob?
Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm………….. THEY ARE BOTH SO AWESOME!! 

Imagine how boring it must be to roleplay a Toy Story character with other fandoms

*Woody is dancing like the truly alive toy that he is*

*Sleeping Beauty walks into the room*

*Woody hears someone coming and before the princess enters the room he stops dancing and falls lifeless down on the ground*

"Hello? Is anyone here?"




"No one here, oh well.." *leaves*


Ohana, ink, 2012


I desperately want to do a roleplay as Jumba and Pleakley someday. I sympathize with Pleakley like crazy and I just want a huge, strong, scientist with a big belly and a 400+ point IQ to talk dirty to me with a Russian accent.”